Code of conduct StoryForgers

Every StoryForgers Game Master and every participant in a StoryForgers game agrees to the following code of conduct when playing both public and private games online, face to face in private homes, and in public/private venue rentals.

Player engagement policy

StoryForgers will never behave inappropriately towards fellow players or game hosts in pre-game chat, post-game discussions, or during the game. If a player engages in offensive behavior towards StoryForgers or fellow players and hosts, the StoryForgers Game Master reserves the right to remove that player from the game or cancel the game without issuing a refund.

Safe space and code of conduct

StoryForgers and every Game Master working on behalf of StoryForgers reserve the right to halt or cancel any game without a refund if a player's actions are considered overly aggressive and violent towards other players and non-player characters or if extremely inappropriate behavior occurs, as deemed by StoryForgers or the Game Master. This includes, but is not limited to, acts of rape, torture, mutilation, murder, or any inappropriate behavior involving a minor, whether real or imaginary.

StoryForgers will not engage in elaborating on sexual, racist, or homophobic fantasies. Our gaming tables, both online and offline, are safe spaces. Any form of bullying, racism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, bestiality, or body shaming towards the Game Master, other players, or the characters they play will result in a lifetime suspension from our games and the immediate termination of a session. In situations that may be perceived as unsafe, we always choose to support the person who perceives the situation as unsafe when in doubt.

Online behavior

StoryForgers will visually introduce themselves on screen to fellow players and reserve the right to turn off their video if they deem it necessary for the purpose of the game or to maintain professionalism. Any contact with public groups, unless agreed upon by all players, will be conducted with respect for the player's privacy, and blind carbon copy (BCC) emails will be used to protect fellow players and their email addresses.